Hello. We Are HQS

HQS Construction & Commercial Corpation specializes in designing and construction of high-end furniture for all types of buildings: offices, hotel, resort, residential, club, school…

At HQS, customer satisfaction is our vital principle.  We much care about every section of a work to ensure that every construction work not only has good aesthetics, high quality and proper capabilities but also helps save time and investment costs.

We own a team of experienced specialists who work in professional capacity. They have led teams of design and execution at many big interior construction projects, managed and supervised works with the scientific method under support of advanced administrative software. Therefore, HQS can run well A-class construction projects as well as interior works that highly require aesthetics and quality in an urgent deadline.

We continuously have innovations to introduce to customers the best-fixed products and services.

- Creativity
- Efficiency
- Integrity
- Professionalism

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